So, why do guys luv football (or any sports for that matter)?

Well, because it’s our nature? LOL. Actually there are quite a number of female friends of mine who luv to watch football. Some of them even support the club that i’ve been supporting since 1990 – Manchester United. Erm….some of them started watching football (or Manchester United) because of …..David Beckham.

Mmm, i m not sure about other people but for myself, i started watcing football since 1989, influenced by my dad. He’s a MU fan and at that time, i was in primary 1. He always asked me to sit down with him to watch the game. At that time, i was thinking “what is so nice bout football? one ball, chase here and there like idiots” and i fell asleep within 5-10 minutes.

1 year later, i started to enjoy the “idiotic” game more. And in 2000, i became a die-hard MU fan. 2004, i started to watch every single MU game including those at 3am on weekdays. 😉

It’s nice to see the team you support win things…and see the youngsters becoming successful, the newcomers blending well and showing you a bag of tricks….. and most importantly, is to watch and enjoy the game with my family and friends. 🙂

Believe me, when you watch skillful players dribbling and doing crossover…it’s entertaining. Of course, it’s never fun to watch a bunch of idiots (all 10 of them, excluding the goalkeeper of course) chasing after every single ball from 1 end to the other end (i donno why…but the word Malaysia suddenly springs to my mind). If a team doesn’t play entertaining football, even a football fan like me will fall asleep.

So, there you are – excitement (esp when the team you support is losing…but too much of this is bad for your’s better to have the team winning 😛) entertainment (skills), family (my dad’s influence) and friends/colleagues (can talk more esp wif fellow MU fans). Some of you might say $$$….but it doesn’t apply for me because i don’t bet. 😛 Not when the thing you’re trying to bet on is a round thing. Hahahah.

So fellow football fans, be it guys or gals…do share with us why do you luv football? 😛