Ok folks, the online voting is up. 12 finalists…and i’m one of them of course. My story is “Guardian:Invader” …*dohhh*…ok ok, I know, the title sounds lame. 😛

The online voting result will not affect the result in the Grand Final (to be held end of August in Tokyo). BUT…i have a feeling that the judges will actually look at the online voting result. Why? Well, surely they want to make an animation which a lot of people like. Right? 😀

By the way, voters get a chance to win USD 50…. For the finalists, the one who got the most votes will also get USD 50. Nothing more.

Just for fun ya. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Oh ya, and if you find the other stories are better than mine, feel free to vote for them 😀

Here’s the link http://animaxawards.spti.com/sg/poll.asp