It has been 3 years since I started working. I only took 2 weeks of rest after my final exam….and started working immediately after that. Fortunately for me, I’ve found my passion in the world of IT (though some may feel it’s a bit hopeless) ever since I decided to study IT (it stands for Information Technology in case some of you may wonder, and it’s not Idiotic Transformation). Till now, I’m beginning to step into another new field called Business & Management (but i’m not letting go of IT just yet).

That’s me. I’ve sort of found my own direction….the direction, the route that I wanted to take.

What about you?

There are few people I know who do not like what they were doing in the university time. Some of them who graduated with a degree in IT, ended up in the world of investment…or banking…or marketing. I even have few friends who have worked in all kinds of jobs/fields…just to find their respective direction. They do not know what are their passions…they do not know what drives them forward. They are trying hard to find the answer by switching jobs, again and again…and again.

One of my friends graduated with a first class honor from a reputable university in the IT field. He started his working life as a programmer. Within months, he got bored and switched to sales….car salesman. Again, in less than a year, he realized that his personality is not really meant for sales. He changed and became chef (lowest ranking) in a restaurant. Again…he left within months. He was shopping around for few years before deciding to return to the world of IT. He has spent so many years…in vain. When he went for the interview, he was treated as someone with a lot of working experience but minmum technical experience. He was treated as a fresh graduate.

Don’t get me wrong. I always support people to switch jobs (not job hopping, mind you)…either within the same company or not…just to find your own direction, your own passions. It might take a while…and it might not. For those who did not take too long to find their passions, good for you. For those who did…just always remember that one is never too old to discover that. πŸ˜‰

However, there is one thing that you must know….you should not continue to change job or type of job once you have found your direction. Keep the pendulum swinging…and you should be pushing the pendulum in the direction that the pendulum is swinging…to increase its momentum. This means that once you’ve found your direction, you should work hard and improve yourself in that field.

Remember not to push the pendulum in the opposite direction…thus decreasing its momentum…and eventually bringing the pendulum to a halt. Try not to switch too much…especially after you know what you actually want to do with your life.

LOL, hope you all can get my idea from this article. My “weather” inside my brain is cloudy…very tired today.

Hope it helps. Do drop your comments πŸ™‚