Have you ever have someone standing next to you, telling you why you shouldn’t do this and do that? I’m sure you do ! I have, my parents. 😀 They’re concerned, I’m sure. That’s why they are telling me that just because they are more experienced in certain stuff than I do.

Look, being inexperience (or to some people, naive) does not mean you are going to do poorly in whatever you plan to do. You might and might not do well – whether you’re naive or not.

Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Being naive means you are not exposed to the failures of other people who happened to do whatever you plan to do. If you don’t know about the failures, you won’t get demotivated that much. The bad thing is, you won’t know much of why they failed either. Well, everything has its own pros n cons.
  • Being naive means you dare to enter unchartered water. Imagine if you’ve been working for 30 years in a banking industry and you know how many people failed in doing A that you’ve set this particular mindset – doing A is impossible no matter how good you are. If you are naive, you will be stubborn enough to venture into this A since you don’t have this “impossible” mindset. If you don’t dare to try, then how could you prove that A is indeed impossible?
  • Being naive also means you have the hunger for success. To work hard and strive for whatever you are doing, ignoring whatever the doomsayers are saying. Remember that sometimes, not knowing 100% of the field you are entering is a bliss, not a curse.
  • Imagine that you are an expert in real estate industry. Starting your own business based on this industry will definitely boost your chance of survival since you have adequate experience in this field. However, it might get a little boring, no? What if you are entering a field which you are interested in but you are not an expert YET? You will most likely be thrilled by the unexpected things hiding in the corner. 🙂

Again, there are pros n cons to everything. What I would like to say here is, being naive and inexperience do not put you at a disadvantage – to a certain extent. You might not have the cunningness or the insider information in certain stuff, but you will have the urge and motivation to be successful. 🙂

Hope for the best and work hard! I know I will. 😉

p/s… do check out this link, good article – http://blogs.theage.com.au/startupstories/archives/2007/05/staying_naive.html