Entrepreneurship, as defined by The Free Dictionary is the activity of organizing, managing, and assuming the risks of a business enterprise. Sounds complicated? Well, it is. Being an entrepreneur is never easy. You need to go through a lot of hurdles in order to survive, not to say successful.

If you want to be successful (everyone does, right?), then there are more things that you need to look at. The uniqueness of your offerings (be it products or services), the usefulness (values for your customers), your competitors, etc. There are so many things that you need to think of and so many plans you need to lay out (and execute) if you are seriously into making your business a success.

However, there are things that would help you in your quest to be a successful entrepreneur.

One of them is the policy(or policies) set by the government of your country. In my country, Malaysia, most entrepreneurs obtain fundings from the venture capitalist or the government itself. That’s good. But you provide people with funds.. and maybe training (to train them how to use the fund etc) and maybe even to teach them how to market their stuff. Are all these sufficient? They could be.

But why don’t my country (and many other countries for that matter) consider one simple policy like what the South Korea government did (entrepreneurs from South Korea and Japan have achieved much greater heights than those from Malaysia)? The policy is simple – to give extra incentives or “bonuses” to the companies using the products/services of the entrepreneurs in that particular country. The “bonuses” could be tax reduction, free facitilies, etc. Imagine if the government of your country has such policy, it would definitely boost the condition of the entrepreneurship in your country.

By doing that also, the entrepreneurs do not need to worry much about selling their products/services locally. Most of the entrepreneurs these days (including from my country) would need to look outside their country in order to sell. The local market, most of the time, would not be interested in their products. How unsupportive.

That is why, in my humble opinion, a country should at least provide some policies to help boost the local market for these entrepreneurs before asking people to venture into this risk-taking and dangerous world of entrepreneurship.

Remember, why rely on people outside your country when you have ample of potential clients locally?