Many people praise about the great achievements of our so-called heroes of our society. Articles, posters, stories, novels, songs or even movies have been made based on these so-called achievements. But there is something that most of us neglect everyday – the simple things.

Why must we always look at the big things (either good or bad) when there are other smaller things that we should be paying attention to? For example, your team recently managed to close a deal with a client and all the staff approach your team to congratulate you all. It’s definitely a good feeling to feel appreciated by so many people after you’ve worked so hard for the deal. However, what if the deal did not materialize? Nobody would come and congratulate you since what they notice is normally the so-called “achievements“. Nobody would remember the small little things that your team has done – the hard work, the efforts, etc. If everything goes well and the deal got clinched…..fine. What if it doesn’t?

To me, we really need to realize that the “big thing” is important but what matters most are the small little things that create the “big thing“. A guy courting a lady he loves a lot. Do you think he could win the lady’s heart if he gives her a car (this scenario doesn’t apply if the lady is someone materialistic)? Or do you think he could win the lady’s heart by showering her with love & care, remembering special occasions, always appreciate what she does and be grateful? Believe it or not, it is the little things, the little “Thank you”, the little gifts, etc. which will ultimately win the lady’s heart.

Take another real life example. Just recently, my friend went to have a meeting with his Japanese clients. The representative from the client side was a middle-aged Japanese lady (marketing manager). During the 3 hours meeting, the Japanese lady pointed out what my friend’s company failed to provide them, what they should be providing, etc ….typical work-related stuff. After the meeting, everyone in the board room left…..except for my friend who was tidying up his files and the Japanese lady who, unselfishly, helped the cleaners to clean the tables and took the cups/plates back to the kitchen. My friend was surprised. A simple thing which won’t take much of her time…..yet, it left a deep impression to my friend.

The point that I am planning to bring out here is that most of the time, we are too absorbed into the “big achievements” or “success stories” or “major contributions” that we always neglected the smaller things. Don’t cloud yourselves that way. Open up your eyes and pay attention not to the “big things“…but to the smaller things that are equally, if not more important.

Remember, a simple “Thank you” can sometimes brighten up a person’s life……….or even give hope to someone who has lost faith in this world. 😉

Hope it helps…and hope you all can understand what I’m trying to bring out here.