If you are one of the employees who think that way, I strongly encourage you to think again carefully.

People come and go within a corporation/company. The bigger the company is, the higher the turnover rate will be. And no matter how good the company is, it will never be perfect. Everything has its pros and cons. And believe it or not, no matter where you are working, you will surely meet up with someone who is very unhappy with his/her company.

These kind of people feel they have been “bullied” by their employers. They have been asked to work extra hour for a pay which is way below the market price or whatever they (as the employees) are worth. Or worse, they have been made a scapegoat for something they didn’t do.

These things do happen to people, whether you like it or not. In this world, there will always be some idiots out there pulling the strings of all these evil master plans to irritate you. Either the idiots are you yourselves (sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy), or some other people…. in the end, it’s still the same answer – you feel disappointed and you seriously feel you want to “repay this kindness” …maybe in two folds, 3 or 4…

I’ve experienced this myself….and I know how useless this could be. Some people will take their revenge by screwing up the jobs or their responsibilities. If this is what YOU are thinking….well, do take some time to think about the possibility of getting a testimonial from this same employer you are trying to get your revenge on. Some companies have certain recruitment policies where you need to get some positive testimonials from your previous employers in order to pass their “final screening“. If you managed to screw up your previous job, I am pretty sure your ex-boss will be quite unhappy with you. So…there goes your hope of getting a testimonial, and maybe a new job.

There are also some people who prefer to keep quiet. They will not say a single word even if they have been forced to a corner (again, either by themselves or by other people). They will control…and control…and control… until one day when they couldn’t stand anymore, they will resign. And well, these people will normally think that the company cannot do without them…and the company will be in deep sh*t if they left… “They will never find someone as good as me“, “They will surely have to pay 2 times what they are paying me now to get a replacement“, “They will regret this“. Well, the problem here is…….a company should and will never be relying on one single person. If it does, then the company’s management sux. A company’s management should know that one person does not equal to the whole company. Always be prepared to replace the person with someone else….to the company, everyone within the company can be replaced. This is the way it should be run. So if you think your resignation will make your current company suffer…….well, think again. 🙂 In the end, you will be the one who suffers.

My point here is that, nobody should ever think of getting their revenge against their company or bosses. It will never work out for the better. Always remember to keep a good image of yourselves no matter how bad they are. Leave your company with a good reputation. 

If you really want a revenge, you can choose to buy over the company. 🙂 But again, if your company is so bad that you wanted to take revenge on it, then… no point buying over it right since it will perish sooner or later (provided the company is the one having the problem, not you).

Again, hope it helps.