In case you’re wondering…No, this is not some advertisement asking you to key in some numbers and look for “friends” to talk to. This is a post by me. πŸ™‚

This morning (Monday morning…..) I came across this conversation or dialog by a local radio DJ which somehow woke me up (well, it’s Monday and I wasn’t driving). The DJ actually talked about human beings always want to talk to other human beings. It’s our nature. We need to feel belonged to somewhere…some places, any places. How true is this? Well, no matter how much we deny…it is a fact. It is our nature. Human nature.

Let’s have a simple scenario. I have a friend, who is very quiet (a bit nerdy)…and very very shy (to the extent of being weird). He doesn’t talk to anyone in the class. Well, it’s not that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone…it’s just he’s too passive, introvert or shy. So, there was this one day when we (me and my friends) approached him (sounds like a gangster but we’re not) and asked him to join us for a basketball match. His usually boring and moody eyes suddenly brightened up. He looked as if he’s a completely different person. He nodded his head non-stop (you know..those very excited mood).

So, the following day, we were having a simple basketball practice match. He was there alone, in a corner, practicing his basketball skills – dribbling, crossover (with an imaginary opponent), etc. We were playing the usual game of course….and well, we did talk to him from time to time during the day – we’re all very caring you see.

Everyday, he was there to practice…very hard, even when we were not there for the match. Finally, the “match” day has come. Well, it was a normal game for us….but it wasn’t for him. He started to have this “sense of belonging” to somewhere – to us, the basketball team (erm..even though we just ask him to play for fun). When the match started, he retrieved the ball, wow-ed all of us with his skills (4 days of training….and he did a lot of tricks that I couldn’t do) and went pass 4 opponents …and he did a back flip lay up (erm…should be called back flip, since he couldn’t see the net when he did the lay up) … and he scored ! He was jumping up and down, up and down and ran towards us and said “High 5 !! I did it !!“. We were all very happy for him because he finally found a place – a place where he could find someone to talk to.

However, we weren’t be able to react to the “High 5“…because well, he scored the wrong net… it was an “own goal“.

Well, you see…sometimes people don’t really want to speak out. They are feeling moody, down, troubled…yet, they do not want to approach their friends and tell them the problems. They keep these problems in their hearts until someone approaches them and ask “Are you okay? Is anything troubling you?“. Then, they will pour their heart out.

It’s not that they do not want to share. They are just too shy to trouble someone with their problems. Everyone in this world needs people to talk to… needs a place to belong to…. Let’s face it. We don’t live alone in this world.

So, the next time you see a lonely person sitting quietly and look troubled…approach him/her and show that you are concerned. Talk to the person and see if you can help. Make this world a better place to live for everyone. Well, just make sure that person is not mentally ill….erm, otherwise, good luck. πŸ˜€