In case you’re wondering why this topic, I assure you (especially my supervisors) that this backstabbing incident happened to me few years ago and not now. 🙂  And now, let’s continue with the post.

Office politics has nowadays becoming a norm in most of the companies. The bigger a company is (more employees), the more office politics you’ll have to face..unless, of course, if you’re a very lucky person.

Office politics can mean a lot of things….and sometimes, you’re being dragged into it unwillingly. Backstabbing is one form of such incidents. I’ve been backstabbed before in my career (few years ago when I was a trainee in an IT company)….and I know it wasn’t a very pleasant feeling. It was like being made a scapegoat for someone’s mistake. I doubt anyone of you will like that.

So what should you do when you’re being backstabbed…or being dragged into office politics unwillingly? Here are some suggestions from me (do feel free to debate because I might be wrong).

  1. Continue to do your own work.
    • The first option is of course to ignore the politics or whoever is backstabbing you and continue with your work. That’s your responsibility and the least you could do.
    • Just make sure that you have completely nothing to do with the incident and you’re the innocent party.
  2. Speak to other colleagues
    • If the situation doesn’t improve, and things become unbearable, talk to your other colleagues.
    • Surely, there will be someone on your side. Talk to them and see what do they think about your current situation.
    • Avoid fingerpointing. Don’t ever accuse the backstabber of anything. You do not want to trust the wrong person and start a World War 3 inside the company.
    • Just ask them for their opinions and see if they’ve heard anything which will harm you and your reputation in the company.
    • They will tell you honestly if they’re on your side.
  3. Speak to the so-called culprit
    • Talk to the person who you know is the main culprit.
    • See his/her side of the story.
    • Do not start pointing your finger at the person.
    • Try to ask a few questions such as “I’ve heard something going on behind my back about myself…do you know what is it? I’m a bit concerned“, etc.
    • If he sounds very displeased or “fake“, then most probably he has something to do with it. Tell him that you would appreciate anyone (any colleagues, him included) to talk to you before backstabbing you.
    • Remember, you can’t change something you are not aware of.
  4. Speak to your supervisor(s)
    • If the culprit is not willing to admit, and the backstabbing is still on-going, talk to your supervisor.
    • See his side of the story and ask if he knows anything.
    • Ask him for advice if he does know something.
    • Make sure you tell your supervisor of your commitment to the company and that such backstabbing incident is quite demotivating. If there’s a solution, you would like to fix this up as soon as possible.
  5. If your supervisor is the culprit, talk to his/her supervisor
    • But if your supervisor is the main culprit…then things might get a little bit more complicated than usual.
    • Talk to the supervisor of your supervisor if there’s really no choice.
    • See if the person can give you any useful advice. Again, state your desire to work hard for the company.
  6. Change department or transfer to other branches
    • If nobody can help you…..and things are still the same, I advise you to change to another department or transfer to other company branches.
    • This is to get away from this group of people.
    • We can’t control what other people talk or do, we can only control what we ourselves can do.
    • Moving away from this group of people might be a good solution. You need to get your motivation back on track in order to perform properly in your career.
  7. Change company
    • If changing to another department is not possible…I believe you have to move on and change to another company.
    • Office politics is always something which is very hard to avoid…and fix. You will have to either cope with it, try your hard to avoid it, fix it, or get away from it.

I hope that this few “methods” can help those of you (who are currently being dragged into an office politic) to do something to salvage your career….which is unwillingly being damaged by some idiots.

Hope it helps. 🙂