The answer is yes and no. As a typical presales guy would say, “It depends“. It depends on the company you are working in, and the supervisor who is managing you.

If you are in a company where the people is taught to be open-minded… able to voice out their opinions constructively for the benefits of others….and where age and experience do not play a vital role – then, you definitely can. It’s never easy, but it’s entirely possible.

If you are working in such a company, and under a supervisor who treasures your skills/talents/contributions and acknowledges them……….then, things will become easier for you.

However, if you are in a company where seniority rules……where the upper management does not accept any form of opinions/feedbacks from the lower level employees (stubborn people)…then forget it. You are just wasting your energy. Even if you have a good boss who is willing to listen and acccept….it won’t be good enough since the upper management team has every right to reject and deny whatever you are suggesting to them.

So, what kind of company do you think you are in? If you are not very sure of it yourself, then talk to your direct supervisor. He might know about the company’s processes and mentality better than you do. And he is also the person who will decide whether you can make an impact, or not. So, talk to him.

If you are in the right company, and working under the right person (i know some of you might think that you can overtake your supervisor and voice out to someone higher up……..well, it’s possible but it’s always better to respect whoever is supervising you), and most importantly, you have the will to contribute and make an impact…..then by all means, go ahead ! Voice out your opinions, concerns, problems AND solutions. If you are given the responsibility to take charge in order to make changes, then it’s better still. Go lead the initiatives and make an impact !

By making an impact, be it big or small, you are not only helping your company but you are also learning a lot of stuff. Why not take this opportunity to learn, and at the same time, make an impact and create a name for yourself ? Just make sure that once you have the plan out and approved…….you have to complete it.

Hope it helps.