This morning, I was stuck in a traffic jam while on my way to work (thankfully, i wasn’t driving. hohoho) and there was this radio program which talked about career ladies. Apparently, the number of working ladies is growing fast in our otherwise “passive” Asian culture. And some of these working ladies, choose not to get married. They prefer career, over romance.

I know this is a very personal question…since it differs greatly from one individual to the other but here I am, throwing this same question to you – Would you prefer to purse your career, over your love life, or vice versa?

Let’s take a scenario (which actually happened to one of my close friends). You met your true love in the company you currently working on. Your job suddenly became very interesting and fun….from the otherwise boring + mindless 9-5 routine. No serious problem occurs between you 2. The only problem is your job. Stagnant. No prospect. Time wasting. So, do you want to remain in the company for the sake of romance since you can still work together with your loved one, or you prefer to take the first step and start hunting for a job with a better prospect.

It’s a very difficult choice to make and it really depends on the priority of the particular individual. If to the person, romance is important but he/she is not worried that changing a new job will deter or destroy the relationship. The love is so strong that it should be able to withstand anything. Or, if the person fears that by leaving the loved one for another new job…….distance will separate them. With the type of working hour that we practice nowadays, it is not something new that the relationship between the 2 lovers deteriorates if they are not working together. The only “free time” they have is after office hour (still ok if they stay nearby) on weekdays…or Saturdays and Sundays. Worse still if one of the couple is actually working on a project in another part of the world.

Well…believe it or not, distance can make the heart grows fonder. However, people don’t say “long distance relationship is hard to maintain” for nothing.

For me, I feel that if you really love somebody……try to go an extra mile for him or her. However, you should also believe that if your love is so strong, nothing will stand in your way. Nothing can stop both of you from remaining together. And if you have such belief and you can make it happen……then, move on and pursue your career. Because I believe that life is not just about romance. There are things in life that romance cannot provide…but only your career can…by doing what you like.

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