Life is like a journey. Whatever we do, there’s a beginning and an ending. The ending is the destination that we wanted (though not always the case…but that’s another story). For myself, I want a healthy lifestyle, a happy family, my own business and most importantly, to be able to contribute to the society (sounds pretty grand huh?). What about you? What’s your destination(s)?

Many people come and go…wasting their lives away. They sacrifice long term investments for short term gains. But that’s THEM…their own lives and we have no control whatsoever. But to YOU, I throw you this question: Do you really want to achieve something that you’ll be proud of, in this precious life of yours?

If the answer is NO, then bang yourself against a wall and go to sleep. By the time you wake up from your slumber, ask yourself the same question.

If the answer is YES (which I think majority of us do think this way), then do yourself a favour. Set a goal, or few goals. What do you want to achieve in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? It could be something audacious, as Jerry Porras and Jim Collins mentioned in the book “Built to Last” ….Big Hairy Audacious Goals. A goal so big, that other people will think you are insane to pursue that impossible dream.

Impossible or not, it is up to you to decide. Some people can go to a great extent in order to achieve something. Rome was not built in a single day and it took few centuries for human beings to successfully land on the moon. Yet, what seemed to be impossible are actually possible.

Therefore, do not hesitate to actually pursue your goals……so that you will be able to reach the destination that you wanted. If it doesn’t lead you “there”, do not worry so much because at least you’ve tried….and at least, it led you somewhere else – somewhere which might be better. Always remember the old saying “Aim for the stars, so that if you failed, you’ll still be able to reach the moon”.

And if you’ve reached “somewhere”…either your desired destination or not, make sure that you already have some new goals set up for yourself. Don’t stop. Continue and pursue these new set of goals.

That way, I believe, you will start to realize that the ultimate destination for any human being is no destination at all. It is a never ending process of improving yourself and striving for what you want. It is a goal that is unreachable yet it is meaningful.

p/s….and yes, this applies to companies, families, etc.