Have you ever doubt yourself on a decision….or have you ever regret of not doing something you should’ve done? I guess everyone has this kind of experience. Missing out on something we didn’t get…or didn’t do based on the decisions we made. Opportunities come and go…and if you miss it, you might not be able to get it the second time.

That’s why I always ask people to try. If you try, and you succeed…then bravo ! If you failed (which most people do), remember that failure is the mother of success. At least, you’ve tried and you know the result…so you should have no regret. If you never try…you’ll just be wasting your time guessing what will be the result if you actually tried.

This applies to business as well. If you’re in company where creativity and innovation are critical….never ever try to push an idea away. Some bosses/directors/shareholders have prejudices or discriminations against some people or some ideas. They are not open to change. Don’t be like them. Instead, try to embrace new ideas….any ideas given by your employees. They might prove to be the next “IN” thing on the market. Try it to see if it succeed…..if it doesn’t, you can always stop the development. I believe, this is how most successful companies are being run – try many things but keep only those which work and are useful.

And if you ever have this kind of feeling – “Hey, I’ve thought about it before..this idea…and this guy is actually earning big bucks on something I’ve thought before…” – then you should know what’s your problem. You never try but “he” tried.

In relationship….it’s the same old story. But I won’t go into it since I’m not really qualified to speak about it. 🙂  But I’m sure you get the idea.

I believe this post is quite meaningful to most of the entrepreneur-wannabes out there…including myself. TRY is the keyword here. If you have something you want to do (legally of course), try it and see the outcome. Keep it, if the outcome is good…else you should either correct it or destroy it.

Hope it helps.