In life, everyone has to go through ups and downs everyday. Life is boring if it’s a straight road…smooth n straight. It is the hills, slopes, potholes, etc that makes this life more challenging and, interesting.

However, in everything we do, it is important for us to stay flexible. Be it work, business, relationship, etc. Things don’t always go as planned……and when there’s a change in the things we do, we need to learn to adapt…to be flexible.

Just imagine you are walking on a road (your life) and you encounter a wall (obstacles) which blocks your path. Do you insist to walk against the wall (stubborness) or do you choose to walk around the wall (flexible) and continue your journey on the road? Well, you could try and break the wall by walking against it….you might succeed if you try hard enough. But, why waste your time due to their stubborness?

This applies to the business world as well. How many times have we heard that some big corporations disappeared in the world due to their stubborness to change. In this era, everything has to undergo some very serious changes…..and if you are slow to react to it, your company will suffer….or eventually becomes obsolete. The management team should always be flexible towards change. Embrace it, not withdraw from it.

There are also times when an opportunity comes knocking….be it in your career, personal life, or your company’s business. Good opportunities don’t come often. You should assess it fast and grab it before it slips away…even if it has nothing to do with your personal missions/ambitions or company’s mission statements. Be flexible. Boeing wasn’t producing commercial airliners…. they were producing military planes until the opportunity came knocking on their door. They decided to “be flexible” and take up the challenge even though their company’s goal at that time has nothing to do with commercial airliners.

Therefore, regardless of what it is…it’s always important to be flexible in everything we do. To be able to adapt to changes is a skill, but to be able to adapt to changes quickly and efficient…is a rare gift…..a rare gift which can be obtained by everyone if we work hard enough.