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I don’t have the right to write this post because I’m in fact, a pessimist….and by stating that…I’m showing the pessimist side of me. Just kidding. I’m only a pessimist when it comes to relationship (you know…boy girl relationship). In other stuff, I’m quite an optimistic person. However, I have a few friends who are our typical pessimistic individuals who have very low level of confidence.

Beware though…because having low level of confidence does not help at all (especially females…who tend to be less confident than males…for some reasons which I don’t know).

Having a proper level of confidence is very important in every aspect of our life. If you are in the sales line, you need to show your confident personality when you are trying to “brainwash” the customer into buying your product. If you’re in the consulting line, you need to be confident when presenting or negotiating with your clients…….so that they believe in whatever you’re telling them. And even if you’re a clerk or secretary, you need to be confident enough to know that you can handle the workloads with ease. The list goes on and on…but you get the idea

So what happens if you don’t feel confident in whatever you’re doing? You start to complain….and worrying about things which should not have crossed your mind. “How am I supposed to do this?”“I’m incompetent ! I’m useless !”… rather than “I can do this. I WILL do this”…or “This looks difficult but I should be able to sort it out…maybe I can Google for it”. 

Always remember that our brain can create miracles…or wonders that we are not aware of….yet, it can create havoc or chaos if you allowed it. Be optimistic and create wonders….and not the other way round.

Being optimistic is good but don’t get carried away and become over-confident. I’ve walked across that path a few times before…and I didn’t really like the outcomes. That is why, it is equally important to be at the right level of confidence and stay HUMBLE. Don’t go showing off to everyone just because you know something or you are good at something. Be humble and accept other people’s opinions. We’re all learning …. a never ending process in our life.

So…what’s the point here? Be optimistic and humble? That’s easier to say than to be done. True, it’s very easy to blame ourselves and be a pessimist……..and it’s equally easy to get carried away by our small ‘good fortunes‘ or ‘successes‘.  Try to strike a balance – have the right amount of confidence…and being humble.

I know it’s not easy…but nothing is easy in our life. Just treat it as a challenge. 🙂

 p/s….still recovering from my “lack of sleep” problem. That’s why my points/ideas in the article above …kinda jumbled up.

I believe I’ve talked about this many times before in the previous posts. Here I am again, talking about this to stress the importance of it (after finishing a chapter of the book “Built to Last” on the same topic).

Time and time again, we’ve heard about companies aiming to cut cost and to be more efficient, or to increase the “numbers” (which means sales, in case you’re wondering). These companies will go to great extent in order to cut a little bit from the overall cost of running the business. Why? Well, it does make sense doesn’t it? The lower the cost of running a business, the more profitable it is! Well, at least that’s true for short term or for a narrow-minded person.

The point here is to think of long term….look towards the future. What will your company be like 5 or 10 years later? If it’s going to be big and successful, have you actually lay out the foundation or plans for your company to move towards that direction? Yes, you can cut all the cost you want, but is that really helping? Of course it would, if your company plans to stay for another few years in the industry before it got left out by the competitors.

The authors in the book “Built to Last” mentioned that some companies actually “milked” their future away to solve a short term problem. They cut cost (which means firing good employees/using materials with poor quality/selling the current state-of-the-art equipments in favor of cheaper and less efficient equipments/etc.) to solve a current problem…to get a short term solution. However, in most cases, it will only backfire after a few years.

On the contrary, some companies actually continue to spend on things such as R&D, employee training program, hiring good people, etc even though the companies are faced with some financial problems. Why? Because these companies aim for the long shot towards their “goal” (unreachable goal….I’ll talk about this sometime later).

Please don’t get me wrong. Cutting cost is not necessarily a bad thing to do. But it is something that everyone should plan properly before acting on it. If you are able to cut cost and at the same time, not neglecting the quality or the things you used to do (which made your company successful)…..then by all means, go ahead! You can always use the extra $$ saved from the cost cutting plan for other things.

So do think properly before your company start engaging any cost cutting program. Look towards the long term health of the company….not the short term gain. What’s the use of saving a few cents now when your company might face the possibility of losing a few million dollars worth of opportunities few years later?

I’ve moved to a new place just recently and the new place doesn’t have any internet connection (yet). Therefore, I won’t be posting any new articles anytime soon until the internet connection problem is solved.

Hope you all don’t mind.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Have you ever doubt yourself on a decision….or have you ever regret of not doing something you should’ve done? I guess everyone has this kind of experience. Missing out on something we didn’t get…or didn’t do based on the decisions we made. Opportunities come and go…and if you miss it, you might not be able to get it the second time.

That’s why I always ask people to try. If you try, and you succeed…then bravo ! If you failed (which most people do), remember that failure is the mother of success. At least, you’ve tried and you know the result…so you should have no regret. If you never try…you’ll just be wasting your time guessing what will be the result if you actually tried.

This applies to business as well. If you’re in company where creativity and innovation are critical….never ever try to push an idea away. Some bosses/directors/shareholders have prejudices or discriminations against some people or some ideas. They are not open to change. Don’t be like them. Instead, try to embrace new ideas….any ideas given by your employees. They might prove to be the next “IN” thing on the market. Try it to see if it succeed…..if it doesn’t, you can always stop the development. I believe, this is how most successful companies are being run – try many things but keep only those which work and are useful.

And if you ever have this kind of feeling – “Hey, I’ve thought about it before..this idea…and this guy is actually earning big bucks on something I’ve thought before…” – then you should know what’s your problem. You never try but “he” tried.

In relationship….it’s the same old story. But I won’t go into it since I’m not really qualified to speak about it. 🙂  But I’m sure you get the idea.

I believe this post is quite meaningful to most of the entrepreneur-wannabes out there…including myself. TRY is the keyword here. If you have something you want to do (legally of course), try it and see the outcome. Keep it, if the outcome is good…else you should either correct it or destroy it.

Hope it helps.

In life, everyone has to go through ups and downs everyday. Life is boring if it’s a straight road…smooth n straight. It is the hills, slopes, potholes, etc that makes this life more challenging and, interesting.

However, in everything we do, it is important for us to stay flexible. Be it work, business, relationship, etc. Things don’t always go as planned……and when there’s a change in the things we do, we need to learn to adapt…to be flexible.

Just imagine you are walking on a road (your life) and you encounter a wall (obstacles) which blocks your path. Do you insist to walk against the wall (stubborness) or do you choose to walk around the wall (flexible) and continue your journey on the road? Well, you could try and break the wall by walking against it….you might succeed if you try hard enough. But, why waste your time due to their stubborness?

This applies to the business world as well. How many times have we heard that some big corporations disappeared in the world due to their stubborness to change. In this era, everything has to undergo some very serious changes…..and if you are slow to react to it, your company will suffer….or eventually becomes obsolete. The management team should always be flexible towards change. Embrace it, not withdraw from it.

There are also times when an opportunity comes knocking….be it in your career, personal life, or your company’s business. Good opportunities don’t come often. You should assess it fast and grab it before it slips away…even if it has nothing to do with your personal missions/ambitions or company’s mission statements. Be flexible. Boeing wasn’t producing commercial airliners…. they were producing military planes until the opportunity came knocking on their door. They decided to “be flexible” and take up the challenge even though their company’s goal at that time has nothing to do with commercial airliners.

Therefore, regardless of what it is…it’s always important to be flexible in everything we do. To be able to adapt to changes is a skill, but to be able to adapt to changes quickly and efficient…is a rare gift…..a rare gift which can be obtained by everyone if we work hard enough.

Since the time we (human beings) stepped into this world, there have been countless new inventions created by us. From cooking equipments to hunting equipments. From something which enables us to move faster (wheels) to something which enable us to fly in the sky. To have a new invention is always the dream of any entrepreneur……and perhaps any businessman who wanted to open up new market based on this new invention.

However, to invent something is not necessarily profitable. When you start a business, you want to be selling something which is profitable and which other people want. You won’t want to spend years and years of efforts… invent something which made you feel proud….but something which nobody wants or knows how to use.

Therefore, before you plan to start working on the design of your new invention, think of a few things. Ask yourself few questions such as:

  • What’s the purpose of your invention?
  • Who are the possible users/consumers/customers?
  • Do you think this invention is useful to them?
  • The cost of inventing this, is it too high for the invention to be feasible for the users?
  • Are there any other existing products which work like your invention?
  • Or is there already an alternative out there for your invention which has not even materialize?
  • Is the learning curve of your invention, too high for the current users?

There are other questions which you can use…but based on the above, i think you’ll have a brief idea of what to ask yourself.

To invent something new takes a lot of efforts and time…..which is precious. In this era, time = money…and the more time you spend on some “inventions“…the riskier it becomes. Maybe someone else will be able to come out with something similar while you’re “inventing” something halfway through.

Therefore…only invent when there’s really a need. Otherwise, try to look at existing ideas and be innovative. Change the way things work currently….create new business values for the existing ideas. By doing this, I believe you’ll be able to come out with something which can serve a similar purpose as your initial “invention”.

Remember, don’t reinvent the wheel. Improvise it. Add a motor…or a way to move the wheel faster and then sell this newly modified idea.

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