Every morning while on my way to work, I’ll open both my eyes wide and try to observe what other people is doing (while trying to notice if there’s any pretty ladies nearby). I find it quite amusing since there are so many weird and funny behaviors….some people sleep on other people’s shoulder (stranger) in the train…some like to breathe very close to another person..and the rest walking (or marching…or maybe close to crawling…) their way towards their respective offices.

Then i started to wonder….when we walk towards our office….do we already have an idea of what we are going to achieve on that particular day? Or, are we just walking towards that direction while leaving our brain or consciousness at our home?

Do we begin the day with an end in mind?

For those who have read Stephen Covey‘s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People will know that “begin with an end in mind” is 1 of the 7 important habits. It teaches people to always think of the end result of an action, before actually taking that particular action.

If you know what you want to achieve and if you are willing to work hard (need to work smart too. Banging your head against a wall won’t help you to demolish a house), you will eventually find ways to achieve it.

In the book “Built to Last“, the authors mentioned that most visionary companies have BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) to keep their direction focused and to motivate the employees.  With a goal in sight, everyone will work towards it (the “everyone” must have enough confidence that this goal can be achieved. Even the slightest negative feeling will make the goal…remains as a goal). Everyone knows that the goal is the end result and they need and will achieve it. How? They’ll figure it out.

Without a goal or an end in mind….you’ll be walking like a headless chicken…directionless. Your actions and behaviors will lead you somewhere for sure, but not to places where you want to be.

Therefore, it’s important to begin your first step with an end in mind. Understand what kind of result you want to achieve, and start developing the steps necessary to achieve it. Remember that life is too precious for you to walk around like a headless chicken.  Hope it helps.

p/s….I’m trying to learn how to practice this “begin with an end in mind” regularly. It is never easy….but it is worth the try.