Finally, I’m back from my 1 week Chinese New Year vacation. Hope things are going well for all of you. 🙂

During this short vacation, I’ve finished reading (finally finished) the famous “Fish! Tales” book. To be honest, it’s not as good as I was hoping it would be. Nevertheless, I still managed to grab few important lessons from this book.

One of them is to “be there” for someone. It could be anyone – from your family, your friends, colleagues, bosses or even customers. By doing that, it doesn’t only mean you are there physically. You need to be there physically AND mentally. You need to pay attention to whatever the person is telling you. You need to “feel” his or her problems or concerns and understand them well. Most importantly, you need to “be there” to show you care.

After reading the book, I’ve noticed something which I have not noticed for a long long time. Whenever my family members (be it my parents or my sister) talk to me while I am doing my work or playing my computer, I would just talk to them while doing whatever I was doing at that time. Well, I’m an IT specialist…so I AM supposed to be able to multitask. 😛 As expected, the conversation didn’t last long….with me not listening to them.

However…just few days ago, I noticed that whenever I approached my mum to talk to her (whether she’s doing something or not), she would stop whatever she is doing and looks at me…and listens. So is my dad…and my sister…well, at times. She’s a multitask specialist as well. 😛

Once I noticed this…I’ve made a promise to myself that I will always “be there” when someone important to me, talks to me. Just to show that I’m concerned and I do care about the person.

That’s not all…try bringing this mentality to work…when you are facing your colleagues, bosses or even clients. I believe it will work very well (especially if you’re a consultant and you’re facing a client who has a lot of problems with his/her company’s operations).

I’m going to try this in every part of my life. I think you should try it too. 🙂 We’re all here in this world, to make a difference. Try making a difference in someone’s life now.