As human, we need to communicate with other human beings everyday (even Tom Hanks needs to talk to “Wilson” in the movie “Cast Away). Different people have different methods of having a conversation. A salesman for example, talks to a potential customer differently if compared to an employee talking to his boss. No matter what, being honest in a conversation is very important most of the time.


Well, if you’re a consultant (bear with me, I’m from a consulting company), you are supposed to sell your services and your solutions to the clients. You might need to BS (in case some of you don’t know what is “BS“…well, just ask your consultant friend) most of the time but that won’t get you any long term result. It pays to be honest to your clients. Give them an honest assessment of their problems and provide the solution which is most suitable for them…….and not aiming to rip them apart for $$. At the end of the day, what you need to get is a long term business relationship….not a “I got your money so byebye to you” kind of relationship.

Another example is your conversation with your friends, your colleagues, your bosses or anyone who is close to you. I’ve seen people suffering from emotional stress because their loved ones ignored them (I used to be one of them…) for something they didn’t know. I’ve also seen friends been laid off even though their bosses complimented on their performances just weeks before the laying off. So what is the problem now? Lack of honest conversation…or the so-called “heart to heart talk“. Again, it pays to be honest and tell someone what you feel about him/her HONESTLY. Don’t beat around the bush. If there’s something you don’t like, tell them so that they have the opportunity to change. It’ll be unfair to both of you if you don’t tell him honestly.

To be honest (yea, I’m speaking honestly now), I’m rushing my work now…..just suddenly have this urge to write on this topic because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. 😛

Remember, nobody can change something which they’re not aware of…. 🙂 It is up to the people around this “nobody” to let them know, so that they can change.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. 😉 Have a great time!