Recently, I’ve got myself a book called “Fish Tales!” by Harry Paul, John Christensen and Philip Strand. This is a sequel to the famous “Fish!” book which teaches us about the “Fish!” philosophy.

Fish! philosophy talks about making your workplace a fun place to work in. This is severely lacking in our world today. Look at your current workplace……can you find something which you can label as “fun” or “entertaining” ? Maybe you can gather a few colleagues to crack a joke or two…or maybe laughing at somebody else’s weird behavior….but that’s about it. Or maybe your company management is so kind that a “fun” party is organized for the employees on a particular day….for maybe 2 hours. That’s it. Why must it be only that 2 hours? Or have you ever hear your boss saying “Fun time is over lads, now get back to work!“.

Everyone loves to have fun, though there is a small group of people who thinks that being serious at work means it cannot be related to the word FUN. Different people different preferences but I am sure there are a lot of people out there, who wants to enjoy their work by mixing in work + fun.

It’s not impossible. A lot of companies have done it. Why not yours?

Fun is necessary for people to stay occupied in something for a long period of time. Take programming for example. A lot of IT companies believe that squeezing their programmers is the right thing to do….or maybe, to rephrase it to a better sentence…the only thing they could do due to the timeline given. I strongly disagree. Yes, we do have project timeline which is critical. However, squeezing your programmers to work > 12 hours a day is ridiculous…..unless, they can associate fun with their work. I know some companies who have this “fun” element, and their employees don’t mind working for long hours. The “fun” element keeps them occupied and make them feel like they’re enjoying their work.

Sadly, most companies do not care about this mentality. It’s out of the norm…it doesn’t align with the beliefs the old companies have. In the end, employees are forced to work for very long hours without “fun“….which means they don’t enjoy the work they’re doing. And when someone doesn’t like the work he’s doing, it spells disaster. The person will either work half-heartedly, or resign to seek for something he really enjoys doing.

That is why, I strongly believe the importance of mixing fun and work together. Make your job fun. Doesn’t that sound great?

Remember, fun is the source of creativity and innovation. Without it, you’ll be working like a pre-programmed robot, not a creative human being. 🙂