Just recently, my team (we’re a small team in a not-so-big multinational company) had had a discussion which we called it “brown bag session”. It’s a technical discussion where the speaker (from our team) will be presenting on technical stuff to the audiences (also from our team). This is something which our team manager started…and I personally feel that it’s very useful, both to train our presentation skills and also enhance our knowledge on certain technical topics.

Alright, let’s get to the point. During the presentation, one of my seniors somehow showed signs of disrespect to the presenter (which for this week, is our team manager). He yawned loudly more than 10 times, during the 2 hours presentation. He also made a lot of funny sound…like tapping on the table…humming…. etc.

Here’s the problem…you should never show your disrespect to a presenter/speaker of a presentation when you’re the audience.  

To me, no matter how boring a presentation is, always respect the speaker in front. It is not easy to present in front of an audience…or even a few people, especially for certain individuals. So, why do you want to make their life worse? Always respect and listen. Pay attention to what the speaker has to say or offer or even teach. It’ll help to train your patience, and also help the speaker to complete his presentation without facing too many problems. Who knows, you might end up gaining some extra information/contact/knowledge from this presentation.

To summarize, here are some of the things you should do as an audience, during any presentation:

  1. Always pay attention and listen to the presentation.
  2. Avoid making weird sounds which will disturb the audiences or the presenter.
  3. Avoid asking stupid questions. Ask questions which are related to the presentation.
  4. Have eye contact with the presenter. Look at him/her. It’ll help both of you to focus more and … well … to stay awake. 🙂
  5. Avoid falling asleep.
  6. Avoid talking or discussing too loud with your peers or other attendees of the presentation.
  7. Nod your head once in a while if you agree with what the presenter is talking about.
  8. Make sure you sit properly. 🙂

The above are some very simple things that you should be doing if you attend a presentation. Always remember, everyone will have a chance to do a presentation, whether you like it or not……..and when you’re presenting, you would expect certain things from your audiences…..and these are the things that you should be doing when you attend any presentation. Respect…that’s the keyword.

Hope it helps. 🙂