Finding the right person for a job is never an easy task for anyone to do, not even for a psychologist. Why?

Some people are very good with words and ‘selling’. They can tell you what they know confidently, even though the fact is they have no idea how to do it. These people are good, but only if they’re applying for a sales or marketing job. On the other hand, there are people who are creative, smart and talented…yet, they cannot present or express themselves in a proper way. BUT, this doesn’t mean they’re not good in their job.

There are few things you can do to test whether the person is the right person for the job….and avoid getting fooled by the confident sweet talker. 🙂

Firstly, ask the person about his passions. What he likes to do during his free time. You should be able to see whether he is trying to cook up stories…or he’s sincere. If someone is talking something he is passionate about, you should be able to see it from his eyes. Try to see if the things he claimed he’s passionate about, has anything related to the job he is applying in your company….or is it something which promotes creativity and innovation?

Second thing you can do is to ask him about his plan in the next 10 years…his ambition. This is a very common question to ask in the interview. See whether his ambition(s) has anything to do with the job. If it contradicts the job he applied, then you might want to advise him to reconsider his application…..since it doesn’t align with the direction he’s heading.

Third….try to see his interest in the job by the way he speaks and presents himself. If he’s serious, he should be wearing formal and should be well prepared – with the proper knowledge such as company history, profile, job scope, etc. Make sure he’s interested, and not desperate for the job. If he’s desperate, he should be nervous and panic when being asked questions he couldn’t answer. Being desperate is not really a bad thing though. If he’s desperate, it means he really cares about landing the job and being serious in it. However, try to avoid lowering the salary of this guy just because he looks desperate. 🙂  Give him whatever he deserves.

Last but not least….follow your feelings. I don’t trust those personality tests conducted by some companies. IQ and logical tests, yes….those are useful….but not personality test. If you’re experienced enough, you should be able to judge the person’s value by communicating with him for few minutes. Try asking him some questions like those I gave above….and see what are the answers given, and the way he gave the answers.

Finding the right person for a job is never easy. Always remember that finding someone passionate, is better than someone knowledgeable but without passion because someone passionate can always make the extra miles to learn up new stuff related to the job. 🙂