Recently I came across a very nice article from Work Coach titled “Why British Bosses Want That Banana To Split“. The author talked about whether your boss has the right to tell you exactly how your work desk should look like. To be honest, your boss has the right and authority to tell you how your work desk should look like (he’s the BOSS) but I personally don’t encourage this behavior. Why?

A work desk is something personal which reflects on a person’s characteristics. If your boss told you that your desk should only have a pen holder, your name cards and nothing else…it is like having someone to tell you that you should only keep a pair of shoes outside your house. Isn’t that funny? It’s actually like having someone stepping into your private life….telling you what you should be doing.

True, a work place is always, a work place. You need to follow the rules and regulations set by the HR of your company…or to certain extent, by your boss. It is best to keep a tidy work place. Whatever other stuff you want to place on your work desk should be up to you. When you’re given the freedom to put something personal (and maybe meaningful), you are given the chance to use your creativity… make your work desk as suitable and comfortable as possible….provided you don’t abuse this freedom and have moss growing on your desk….or some weird creatures/insects crawling out from your drawers. Other than that, your work desk should always belong to you.

I know there are bosses out there who like to see things they want to see. Some of them are so extreme that they might order you (his employee) to place whatever stuff that they like to see. These bosses, honestly, are not our so-called good employers. No good employers would limit their employees like this.

Take Google for example, their work place is basically like a second home to their employees. This is how they promote creativity because creative ideas normally popped up when someone is feeling comfortable (or feel like at home). Ever notice how some people place all the notes and pictures on their work desk? Some of these are the source of their creativity.

So…if your boss told you to remove all those stuff, what will happen? You’ll be restricted your freedom to roam….your creative thinking will be locked up. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but sadly, I feel that this is true and it is happening in most of the companies.

Remember, you should be given the freedom to roam, to use your creativity…..provided you are within the regulations set by HR or your boss. Your boss should not be telling you what should you put on your desk….well, he should be very busy and not bothering himself with such minor issues right? *grin*.

p/s….sometimes, it depends on your job role as well. If you’re working in a consulting firm, it should be very different that a technical company doing R & D.

p/s….sorry for the disorganized thoughts and points…i’m actually multi-tasking right now. 🙂