Just few weeks ago, I’ve posted an article on “How to avoid being panic during a presentation?”. At that time, I was preparing for a presentation for my team’s brown bag technical discussion. I just finished the presentation a few hours ago and I’ve made a few mistakes in the presentation. Therefore, based on my experience in this presentation, I’ll list down some of the things that everyone should avoid in a presentation.

  1. Avoid stupid jokes
    • The biggest mistake I’ve made in my last presentation was to make a joke which nobody laughs. Everyone was looking at me blankly…….as I was the only person laughing at that time.
    • It’s good to be humourous. It gives people a break from your slides. However, it’s never easy to be a humourous person especially if you are presenting in front of a group of people who do not know you well to understand your jokes.
    • If you can’t joke well, don’t do it. That’s what I’ve learnt. 🙂
  2. Avoid being a beginner in your topic
    • You need to know your topic well. Be an expert if you must. Know the things you’re going to talk inside out.
    • If you don’t, you’ll get bombarded with questions which you can’t answer……and this is not a good thing.
    • If you seriously can’t be an expert in the topic, set a “warning” or “expectation” before you start your presentation. Tell your audiences what to expect, and what not to expect.
  3. Avoid saying things you are not sure
    • It is important to know whatever you are presenting.
    • If you don’t know, just say you don’t know.
    • Don’t ever give false information as someone among the audiences might be an expert in the topic you are presenting.
    • If you’re lucky, you might cheat your way pass……..but if you’re not….. then it’ll give people a feeling that you are BS-ing.

After realizing my mistakes for my last presentation, I was quite disappointed with myself. However, one needs to think positively and move on. I believe that I will not repeat the same mistakes in my next presentation. Hope by sharing the lessons I’ve learnt, I can at least give some insights and ideas to you all on the things one should avoid in a presentation.