As years gone by, the number of people entering the working world has been increasing steadily. However, many of them have no idea what is it that they wanted in life. They are merely entering the workforce, to earn a living…to survive. Many of them do not realize that they are working on a job which they are not passionate about.

What happens when you’re not passionate in your job? You will still be able to do an “OK” job…..striving to be the best to earn as much rewards as possible. BUT, you will never outcompete the guy next to you who is passionate in his job…which, in this case, might be 100% exactly as yours. You won’t be able to last as long as he does. Sooner or later, you’ll be exhausted and the company will replace you with someone as passionate (or more passionate) than the guy next to you. This is the truth. If you are not passionate in your job, you’ll lose out to those who are.

For the past few months, I’ve been searching for the things that I feel I am passionate about. I’ve found a lot……but mostly not so practical (you can’t really achieve big thing playing World of Warcraft or watching Japanese animations 😛 ). However, just recently I’ve realized something which I hope will push me towards the direction I wanted to go.

That ‘something’ is to learn how to be passionate in whatever you do….regardless of your true ultimate passions. I personally believe, it’s all in your head. It is how you think which matters most. Fact is, you can be passionate in everything you do by just changing your mindset a little.

You can either choose to force yourself in being passionate in your job……….or you can try to find other meanings in the job. When you found the thing you like about your job and also its contributing factor to the society, means you’ve found a job which you will excel. Contributing factor I mean is to offer any form of help to the people around you….to find the true meaning of your job. To most people, that is what keeps them going.

For example, if you’re working in a restaurant as a waiter, your job is not merely carrying food, cleaning, or taking orders from customers. You can view your job as providing the best service and giving your customer the best dining experience they’ve ever had. You are not only making them feel comfortable in your restaurant, but you are also making sure that they are happy there. Do you see the difference in thinking this way, and thinking that you are just a waiter carrying food around the place?

If you’re a consultant, your role is not only to provide solution to the customers. Your main role is to serve the customers and understand their problems thoroughly as if these problems are your own. Develop a strong need to help them fix these problems so that when their business flourished, you’ll feel good too. This is your role. Remember, your role as a consultant is not to BS and cheat on customers (i’m sure some consultants would disagree with me).

Some of you might disagree with me but this is how I’m feeling right now. In the end, it’s all in your brain. You can even make WHITE looks like BLACK if you want it. 🙂 Finding your true passions is never an easy task. You need time……don’t rush it. So before you managed to do that, try focusing on your own job and make it good. Be passionate ! Contribute ! And find the true meaning in your job !

By doing that, I believe you’ll create a life that you’re happy about………..and working in a job which will make yourselves feel good. 🙂 Hope it helps.