Communication plays an important role in our lives – between family members, colleagues, clients or to your bosses. We need to have a proper communication skill when we step out to the corporate world. Without it, we can’t present what we’re thinking properly to other people…..which could lead to misunderstanding and conflicts.

However, even if you do have a proper communication skill, do you actually dare to speak out? I find that most people, especially in Asia, do not dare to speak out especially to their superiors or bosses. Most people feel that keeping a low-profile identity is the best course of action. Well, it’s true that in some situations, it’s always good to be low-profile to avoid conflicts but there also situations when keeping quiet is the fastest way possible to land yourselves some serious problems.

Let’s have a few examples.

It’s 5pm now and you’re planning to go back home early today since you have a date (with someone special…and that someone is going to leave the country the next day) at 8pm. Before you step out of your office, your boss called you for help with some work-related stuff. You have no choice but to oblige since he’s your boss….your source of paycheck. You went to his office and he told you to prepare a presentation for him which he needs to use for a client meeting this week. He wants you to finish it by today. The presentation is 1 – 2 hours….detailing everything about the company’s services etc. You estimated that you’ll need 3 hours to finish it…….and if you do that, you’ll definitely miss your date (which took you a lot of efforts to get). What will you do?

A typical person who dares not speak out will have to cancel his/her date and continue with the work until 8 or 9pm….and he/she might not be able to meet the person who is supposed to be on a date with him/her again anytime soon……since the person will be flying off.

A person who dares to speak out will probably explain to his/her boss, the situation he/she is currently in. The date is very important to him/her and promise to finish the presentation this week…but not today.

Which one would you prefer?

Not many people have the courage to speak out, no matter how important it is. If you feel you have a problem, a misunderstanding or something which you really wanted to clarify with other people…….be brave and speak out. If you don’t, people won’t know what you are thinking. They’re not you. They will not know what are the problems you are facing. If you still prefer to keep quiet, they can only assume everything is OK on your side.

BUT….. don’t be too ‘brave’ when you speak out. Some people love to speak out a lot in front of other people. Maybe it’s to prove they’re smart, or to let people notice them…….I’m not sure which is true, but one thing I’m sure…’s not something good. I’ve known someone in my previous company who loves to speak out whenever there’s a Q & A session. Well…that’s good, since he wants to clarify his doubts. The problem is…he asked things which should not be asked.

Therefore, I seriously urge all of you to think properly before you speak out. Know the reason you want to speak out. Don’t do that for the sake of doing it. It’ll backfire. Do that when there’s a strong feeling which you want other people to know. All the best πŸ™‚