Everyday, we use language(s) to communicate with other people. In front of our clients, we call it business communication. To our friends and family, it could be casual chat. To our prospective employer, we call it an interview. Against our competitor, well, let’s call it “peaceful resolution”.

In all kind of communications, there are few things which we normally find it very hard to speak out. Some people feel that the words “I love you” is very hard to say…..well, to me, it is quite hard. 😀 But to some people, especially individuals who have accomplished a great deal of achievements……the hardest thing to say, might not be as hard to most of us normal folks. It’s ….. ” I don’t know “.

How many of you actually have heard of someone in an interview, answering “I don’t know” when he/she is being asked a question which he/she could not answer? Not many I assume.

How many of you who have been to Q & A sessions with certain experts or leaders where the main person of the event (the expert/leader) actually admitted that he/she could not answer the question? Pretty rare right?

Is it that difficult for someone to admit “I don’t know” in front of other people? If you put down your ego, think about it and let go of your high self-esteem…..it’s possible.  Always be honest to yourself and to other people around you. No point acting smart when you’re not. It’s better to say “I don’t know” than to simply come out with a false answer or if you would prefer…by answering with “Er….ah….eh…”.

Which is better? A plain simple “I don’t know” or the other 2 options?

When someone answers “I don’t know” truthfully, most people would be shocked and might feel the person is dumb. I must admit that I used to think like that, but I’ve changed my mindset a little. I start to appreciate these honest folks and respect them. It’s not easy for anyone to have the courage to say these 3 big words “I don’t know” when everyone is looking up to you. But, they did it, and without any problem or hesitation.

From these remarkable people, we know one thing – always be truthful to yourself and to other people. When you’re asked something which you could not answer……be honest and at the same time courageous – use the 3 big words “I don’t know”.