In this world, we don’t live alone. We’re surrounded by a lot of people – our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, customers, etc. Our connection with these individuals varies…depending on how important someone is to you.

So, you have a relationship with somebody right now….be it a friend, a colleague or anyone….and you’re wondering whether should you make an effort for it? Actually, any relationship requires us to make an effort if we want to maintain or improve it. It just depends on the level of attention/effort you yourself want to give.

Well, I personally believe the amount you receive in a relationship is normally more than or equal to the amount you give. If it is lesser, it depends on how much you treasure the person. If the person is someone important, such as your boss or your client……you have no other choice but to continue and maintain the good relationship, right? If the person is just your average hi-bye friend…..then you can choose to “prune the person out of your social garden” like what Bill McFarlan and Dr Alex Yellowlees said in the book “Are you good enough?“.

Relationship of any kinds, needs the efforts from both parties.  If you’re willing to make an effort in maintaining or improving the relationship, you must also make sure it is always both sided. Otherwise, you’ll run into the “clapping with one hand” problem which will only frustrate and tire you out.

So, make an effort if you feel it is worth it. Any relationship is worth giving it a try. If you find it’s not worth it, “prune it” and move on to the next one. Always remember that a relationship is like a pot of flowers…….if left uncared, it’ll wither very fast. 🙂

p/s….It just happened to me that I’m in a situation which is quite similar to this…thus resulted in this post.