Have you ever heard of someone saying “If you don’t mean it, then don’t say it !” out of frustration? I’m sure most of us have heard this before, maybe in a movie, an advertisement, in our meeting, discussion, etc. We’re being taught in school to say something when we really meant it, but how many of us actually say things only when we mean it? Not many.

It applies to our personal lives, as well as in big corporations. How many of us actually encountered (or heard someone encountered before) an interviewer who promised a lot of stuff which in the end, never get fulfilled? How many actually have supervisors who  promised salary adjustment months after months but nothing has been done? Fact is, such people are everywhere, they’re all around us..in our lives. These people can promise you a lot of great stuff….but they actually never intend to give it to you. They are the “talk the walk” people.

There are a lot of sales people and consultants out there, who “talk the walk” to earn a living.  The problem is, “talk the walk” is only useful for short term solution. You can convince your clients, your peers, your supervisors, etc about what you can do and even promise a lot of things……but can you really do it or do you really have the WILL to fulfill all the promises? OR do you promise for the sake of getting whatever it is you are fighting at that moment? and what happens once you’ve obtained your short term solution?

Sometimes, people need to think long term. Respect and trust are the keywords here. If you are the “talk the walk” person, try think of long term. What happens if your customers, peers, etc found out that you are not willing to fulfill whatever you’ve promised? You might not be able to repeat your famous “talk the walk” feat against the same person anymore.

Be a “talk = walk” person, to only promise something when you really mean it. Stop disappointing people……say it when you really mean it, be it in your work, relationship, family, friends, anything. Make people trust you. It’ll help you build a relationship which will help you in the future.

Or if you prefer, walk the talk…….action speaks louder than words, always. 🙂