“You’ll never walk alone”, a phrase Liverpool fans should know (I’m a 100% genuine Manchester United fan though). How much does this phrase apply in the business world? In my opinion, it’s not as much as the phrase “You cannot walk alone” applies, especially if you’re a startup.

You can always choose to walk alone, but the possibility of success won’t be high. We’ve seen a lot of heroic acts in the likes of King Arthur, William Wallace, etc. To us, it seems like they single-handedly accomplished those heroic feats. However, the fact is, they didn’t walk alone. King Arthur has his knights of the round table. William Wallace has the entire Scotland behind him.

This applies to the business world as well. Egoistic leaders will think they can single-handedly manage their businesses…but how many actually ended up being successful ? Less than 10% ?

I’ve seen some egoistic leaders who take full credit of something successful for themselves. Believe it or not, such people won’t last long. Only those who chose not to walk alone in this harsh world of business, will move on and create successful stories or our so-called heroic acts.

One may wonder why ? Some of you might not even want to admit this fact…. Here are the 3 main reasons why you should not walk alone.

  1. You’ll need all the help from everyone
    • When you work alone, you’ll be only looking at few perspectives which matter to you…no matter how good you are. Admit it, nobody is perfect in this world. You’ll need few people to look after your back and to look at things from different perspectives. This is to ensure you and your team can cover as much scope as possible.
    • No matter how good or experienced you are, there will always be someone better or more experienced than you in this world. You’ll need the help from this group of people. Their advice and assistance will prove to be valuable to you.
    • If you’re able to find someone who shares the same passions and wants to do the same thing as you plan to do….then go ahead and work with this guy (or girl). The cumulative efforts of 2 persons with the same direction will give you the momentum you can never gain if you’re alone (well, maybe you CAN, but it’ll take twice the effort and twice the amount of time spent).
    • By working with other people, they can also see the mistakes you’ve made and correct you accordingly (provided you are open to accept comments). This will certainly help you to improve yourself as a person, and as a leader.
  2. Maintaining good relationships
    • Help can come from anyone ranging from your family, relatives, friends, ex-colleagues, superiors or even your competitors. Informing you on some news that you don’t know is also a kind of help. Giving you moral support, financial assistance or a competitive environment are also few kinds of help you can get from people around you. That is why, it is very important for you to maintain good relationships with everyone. Therefore, walking alone is not an option in this case.
  3. Good people don’t walk alone
    • Good people normally don’t walk alone and don’t like to walk alone. If you plan to attract good people to your side, you need to reach out and show that you need their help. Otherwise, there’s a high possibility that you’ll have to walk alone. For example, if you’re an egoistic leader who believes you can walk alone…..you won’t be able to attract talented people. Why? If the position is switched, do you want to work for an egoistic person? Surely not.
    • Good and talented people love to have constructive discussions. When they are faced with problems, they love to exchange ideas and come out with the best solution. How could you possibly do that if you are alone, or if you are working under an egoistic person who rejects other people’s opinions?
    • A good company needs ‘builders’….you and all the talented people you can get. It doesn’t need followers who merely follow your orders without any objections.

I’ve just stated 3 reasons here, on why you should never walk alone. After reading this short post, do you still think someone can be successful if he is on his own? For me, he still can……..but he needs to be a genius….and a workacholic. It’s still possible. Nothing is impossible though remember that it’s very difficult to clap with one hand. You need to clap with 2 hands to produce sound. 🙂

p/s…If you still want to walk alone, kudos to you. Do share with us your success stories. It’ll give us an insight on how to be successful without the help of others.