Do you think you have a brilliant business idea? The next Youtube or Google? Do you think your business idea is good enough to make a big hit in the industry? If yes, how sure are you?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to demotivate you or anything. I always support people to have creative thinking – to come out with creative and innovative ideas. That’s how we came across things like Google, IPod, LCD TV, GPS, etc.ย  Without such ideas, life is boring. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, a good business idea might not be a successful one. I’ve a creative friend who once told me it’s good to sell “Goreng Pisang” or fried banana in Singapore. True, it’s easy to earn money since the cost is low and there are very few such stalls in Singapore. The total revenue should be high for a single stall but that’s it. You need to increase the number of stalls….expanding your business and stuff. When I asked him whether he likes to eat or prepare “goreng pisang”….he said NO. My question to you is…do you think the business idea is still feasible?

Yes, it is…but it won’t be successful since the person carrying out the business idea is not passionate enough. Without passion, the business won’t last long – the best it could do is to pass the first few hurdles/setbacks.

If you really have a business idea which is good enough to make an impact, do your research first. Make sure you are 100% committed in making your business idea a working and successful business.ย  It must be something you are passionate about. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do some research on it, or so-called market survey. Try out few different routes to market your idea and study the feedbacks. You can find something similar in my previous post “What are your passions?“.

The key point here is…….a business idea is useless (even though feasible) if you are not passionate or not fully committed to it. If you are committed, even a normal business idea can be made into something innovative and becomes a big hit in the market. Remember…nobody expects Youtube or a plain site like Google to be such a big hit today. Those are innovative business ideas…..but behind them, are the commitments of their passionate builders.

p/s…if you are pretty sure your idea is a good one, do take some time to read up this article in