Problems and mishaps happen every now and then in our lives – in work, in school, in family, etc. Sometimes, things happened for a reason and other times, it’s just plain bad luck.

However, it’s human nature to put blame on someone if something bad happened. For example, if the deliverables of a project failed to reach the client on the promised date, the manager will surely look at who is responsible and put the blame on that person. Reason? Maybe to make himself feel better or to let other people know he IS NOT the one who screwed it up.

Fact is, nobody should be blamed if something bad happened. Not you, not me, not the person who seems to be the one who screwed up, not anyone. Things always happen for a reason, either it is something you can avoid or something you can’t. The important thing to do is to know who is responsible for it. If you are, admit it because if you don’t, the person who is at a disadvantage is you.

If you feel you’re responsible for the problem, take up the new responsibility of fixing it. Focus on the solution. What can you do to improve the current situation? What can you do to avoid this problem from happening again? If there’s really nothing you can do, then think about what can you gain from this problem. There must be something good (for example, a lesson learnt) from everything.

Remember, don’t waste your time blaming anyone including yourself. Find out who is responsible. If it’s you, admit it before you regret. Next, think of what you can salvage from this problem and how you can improve this situation. Finally, think of things you can do to avoid this problem from happening again.

The same problem will benefit you lesser everytime it happens. 😉 So….try to avoid the same problem from occuring more than once.