Presentation, one of the things that some of us fear the most. However, there are also some of us who can do very well during a presentation. What are the factors that caused this group of people to perform so well in something which most people fear? There are few simple factors – avoid being panic, be clear and precise, experience or practice, etc.

In this post, we’ll look at few simple things we can do to master the first factor – how to avoid being panic during presentation?

To be honest, I’m quite a panicky person especially when I need to talk loudly in front of an audience. That’s why I’m trying my best to improve myself in this area (since I’m in consulting firm….I’ll need to improve on that). The following points are some of the lessons I’ve learnt from other people’s presentations, online resources, trainings, etc.

1. Know your topic well.

  • This is basically the most important area you must cover. You will be presenting on a certain topic because you are knowledgeable in that topic. Your audiences will not want to spend their precious time listening to someone who doesn’t know what he is going to talk.
  • Make sure you master the topic inside out since questions will be thrown at you during or after the presentation.
  • If you can understand your topic very well (expert in it), then you will have no problem handling the questions and you’ll be able to give the presentation confidently. Thus, avoiding being panic.

2. Get used to the presentation venue.

  • Study your presentation venue. Few things you’ll need to focus on – where your audiences will be sitting, how will the seats be arranged, where is the projector, what kind of projector is it, how many power supplies are there, is there any network cable for your laptop, where should you stand during presentation, where should you place your laptop, where to adjust the lightings and air conditioning of the room, how big is the room, is a microphone needed, etc.
  • Once you’ve checked everything, rehearse a few times to make sure you are able to get used to the venue. During the actual presentation, you will know where to walk and stand so that you won’t block your audiences’ view.
  • Prepare any backup plans in case the equipments in the venue are not working fine on that day. For example, if the projector is not working, make sure you can get another smaller projector.

3. Be well prepared.

  • Know what presentation you’re going to give on that day. Will there be powerpoint slides? If yes, make sure the slides are following the proper format and are using clear colors and wordings. You won’t want your audiences to strain their eyes too much. Make sure you don’t miss out any slides. Be simple, be precise and attractive (by including images, graphs, charts, etc).
  • Rehearse through your slides. Prepare smaller (can fit your palm) notes so that you can refer to it in case you forget what you should be talking.
  • Avoid eating heaty/fried/spicy food few days before the presentation. Just in case you lost your voice and ability to speak clearly on that day. 😉
  • Prepare sufficient leaflets, brochures, etc (if needed).
  • Last but not least….remember….BE PUNCTUAL ! Arriving late will surely make you feel nervous.

The above are just a few simple things that all of us can do, in order to avoid being panic during a presentation. Hopefully, it can help anyone of you who are preparing for a presentation or a speech. 😀