In my previous post, I’ve asked the question “What are your passions?”. Let’s assume you’ve found your passions…and you’ve planned how to fully utilize your passions. Do you think, by having all these little plans of yours, will make you achieve lasting success?

It’s possible, but not easy.

I’m currently reading a very good book “Success built to last : Creating a life that matters” by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery and Mark Thompson. In this book, the authors mentioned something which I personally feel is very true – being passionate in your job, can make you successful but being passionate and having a reason to do so will enable you to build a lasting success.

Do you want a success which is only short term, or a success which can last long..perhaps outlast even yourself?

If yes, I believe you need more than passions. It’s good to do what we like…..for myself, I love to play games, read, cook, etc. Can I really be successful or start a business based on these passions? Yes, there’s a high possibility. However, I do not have a proper reason to be successful….I just love to do my work, that’s all.

What if I add a reason to do what I like to do? It’ll start an inner fire….a very strong will to make it big and successful. When you find the reason to work hard (such as to contribute to those who needs your help), you are no longer doing something you like for yourselves. You are doing something because of certain beliefs.

The classic example will be the story of Mahatma Gandhi who found out that his passions were not that applicable after he graduated. However, he found a different reason to work hard after he travelled to South Africa. In the end, the thing he was fighting for, became aligned with his initial passions.

It’s important to have passions in whatever you do….but if you want to achieve something big and lasting, you need a reason for it. A reason which will lit the inner fire within you.

Hope you’ll find this post useful.

p/s…. Do refer to the link for futher information. I might not have provided a good description on this legendary figure. My apologies for that. 🙂