It doesn’t take a genius to know what an idiot is. To make it sounds simple, an idiot is someone who made a fool of himself in front of many people or someone who irritates you so much that his/her presence annoys or even angers you.

Sometimes, we do behave like an idiot. Maybe it’s for pure fun, trying to cheer someone up, being sarcastic or maybe our behavior seems normal to ourselves (but looks like an idiot to other people). One thing for sure, it’s better to avoid being an idiot in front of other people, especially strangers.

There are few things one could do to avoid that. Here are some of them.

  1. Don’t be sarcastic.
    • Some people love to be sarcastic. They think it might make them feel “cool” or “smart” or “funny”. Well, if you do it once in a while, it’s ok. If you do it all the time, people will hate you. Respect is the word. Nobody wants to talk to a sarcastic person all the time. Try to show respect to the people around you.
    • However, if you are faced with an annoying and sarcastic friend, feel free to return the favor. Be sarcastic to him, but not in public places.
  2. Keep comments to yourself.
    • Some of us love to complain about things. Some even go to the extend of commenting every single thing (living or not) in this world. If you have a friend who comments soooo much in front of everyone (just to show he’s very disappointed with the world), what will you think of him? He’s either an idiot, a pessimist or just an annoying fellow.
    • I understand that sometimes, we just got so disappointed in things that we need to talk to someone. Pick 1 or 2 good friends, the people you can trust and rely on…then voice out your comments to them.
    • Again, respect is the word. Don’t comment on things you shouldn’t comment. For example, physical appearance is something sensitive. Avoid commenting on that.
  3. Don’t argue with someone in public places.
    • I am sure some of us have came across annoying and irritating people in public places before. These people just get to our nerves and make us so furious that sometimes, we are willing to lose our face/status in the public just to vent our anger or frustration on them.
    • Ok, don’t do that. Why? Because you won’t know who are listening at your argument at that time.
    • For example, there’s an annoying waiter in the restaurant who ignored you everytime you requested his assistance (in getting extra plates, etc). You got frustrated by his attitude and went to confront him. He said “Can’t you see i’m busy?” And you said “Well, it’s your job to serve us with the right attitude. What kind of attitude is this?” He replied “I do what I like. You are not the only customer here.” Then, you exploded “%$^#^&*&, what kind of #@%$% waiter are you?!”
    • If someone in the restaurant was following your conversation with this waiter, he/she will know you are not wrong. You are just clarifying with this waiter about his attitude and stating you are not very happy with it. HOWEVER, if someone nearby who didn’t pay attention to you 2 until the moment you exploded……you are just an arrogant idiot to that person.
    • If you are irritated with that waiter, find a quiet place and confront him. Do not try to have a confrontation in front of other people. That will make you look bad.
  4. Don’t act smart if you’re not smart.
    • Ever notice that the real smart people won’t act smart? If they don’t know, they will admit they don’t know. Only the “fools” will pretend they’re smart and they know every thing.
    • If they’re lucky, they might be able to pull this “trickery” or “act” off when nobody there knows what they claimed they know.
    • What if someone there knows whatever they claimed were wrong? That will just make them look like an idiot who knows nothing, but claimed to know everything. And believe me, words travel very fast. You won’t want your entire group of friends to know you’re an idiot pretending to be smart.

There are other methods of how to avoid being an idiot in public places. I’m running short of time. Thus, the short post. Will continue few days later on the second part of the post (if i can manage to find enough points).

Going off for New Year. Happy Year 2007 to everyone of you !