In our lives, we meet all sorts of individuals – be it nice, or not-so-nice. There will be people who touched our hearts, but somehow, there will also be a group of people who want to ruin our lives. We call them, “bullies”.

Bullies exist everywhere – in schools, companies, families, or friends. How do you define “bully”? Based on the definition from The Free Dictionary, a bully is a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing especially to smaller or weaker people. For example, I used to be bullied around by a classmate of mine while I was in primary school. I was a very quiet boy then. This “big bully” often picked quiet boys like me. I was being pushed around, laughed at, teased, taunted…etc.

I’m sure most of us have been bullied before in our lives. Some of us encountered such bullies during our school time, among our colleagues, or maybe the bully is one of our relatives.

Just remember, we’re not in this world to be bullied around. We live for ourselves. Nobody wants other people to start having fun by making an idiot out of us. If there’s a bully in your life, and if you can’t tolerate anymore…put a full stop to this.

As for my real life example above, I’d put a stop to the bully’s behavior. I became good friends with BIGGER-sized boys, and also I’d lodged a complaint to one of the most influential teachers.

Do what you must (in a legal way of course). Approach the people higher (in terms of position and authority) than this bully, seek confrontation with this person and talk some sense out of him and if nothing goes well…….break any relationship you might have with this person (if he’s your boss, go seek for new job in another company).

Bear in mind, you don’t deserve to be bullied around.

p/s…. if you are a bully yourself, just keep in mind that we are here in this world, to make ourselves feel good and also to make the people around us feel good. Help each others, contribute to the society, etc. None of us should try to make other people’s life miserable.  

p/s…. if you are being bullied for a short period of time due to your own mistakes, then it’s a different story. Admit your mistakes, correct them and hopefully they will stop bullying you around.