Being innovative and creative are not easy. You’ll need ample of space to let your imagination runs wild, to think of the impossible, the new, the strange…and make all these things work and materialize !
That’s not a problem, IF (a big if) you’re working for yourself. Working for yourself, you have no attachments…no restrictions….no rules and no boundaries. You are like living in your own world (provided you have enough financial support to survive), thinking and developing your ideas.

Let’s have a scenario here….let’s say you’re working in a big company as the division head for the company’s main Research & Development division. Your company has all the usual stuff a big company should have – processes, procedures, policies, forms, paperworks…etc. In order for you to test out an idea, you need to go through process A, by filling up form B, and prepare paperworks consisting of > 100 pages……and after all these things have finished, you need to wait for your department’s director to approve…and finally, you need to present to your CIO, CTO, CEO (all the big shots).

Do you seriously think that you (as a creative thinker who promotes creativity and innovation in your work) can handle all these processes, procedures, policies? If yes, congratulations…you’re a genius. The late management guru, Peter F. Drucker mentioned that it was quite impossible to do so (in his book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

The solution? Separate the innovation part of the business into smaller groups or divisions. If your company is a large corporation, start a subsidary. Separate your core business processes from this small team. Leave them be. Let them do whatever they want…as long as it is within a predefined scope. Never pester your creative thinkers with all these fussy stuff. You’ll just slow down their research.

Hope this helps 😀