What will you answer if someone asked you “How are you feeling today?”. I can tell you straight….your answer would most probably be one of these – “Not bad”, “Ok lor” or “So so” for Asians, “Bad”, “Still alive”.

How many of you actually answers “Fine!”? Maybe 10% of you? Before I finished the 2 books “Drop the pink elephant” by Bill McFarlan and Anthony Robbins’ book “Awaken The Giant Within“, I must admit that I’ll answer “Still surviving..”, “Still alive”, “Ok lor”, “So so” or the best I could come out with …”Fine”. What will you feel if someone replies you with that? Boring right? It will certainly make the person looks a bit negative….or not-in-the-mood.

Give it a try…go ask someone “how are you?” and you will immediately know whether you are talking to a positive, negative or boring person. If the person says “Still alive”….it’ll make him/her feels down….and at the same time, making you feel uneasy.

Replace it with “Great, “Awesome” or at the very least…”Fine”. It’ll not only lift you up and make you feel great…you will also make the other person feels better.

Try this, and I’m sure you will find the difference soon enough. 🙂

Together, we’ll try to make this world a better place.

p/s….please don’t overuse the question and start pestering people with “how are you?”s. 😀