In this post, I’ll talk about how we can avoid being a boring person during a conversation.


Conversation is an important activity for everyone. You need to have a constructive conversation with your employees, employers, clients, family, friends, etc. There are few things that you need to remember every time you have a conversation with someone.


  • Not to use the wrong word.

Never use the words or sarcastic remarks which will hurt the feelings of your conversation partner. Be polite, be courteous. Remember, you are talking to get your points across, get feedbacks, or to make people’s life better….not taunting or trying to ruin people’s day. You won’t get that many opportunities to talk to the person again if you mess this up. Remember, a single word can ruin a relationship which used thousands of words to build.

  • Talk about things which are related to the person you’re talking to.

When you’re talking to someone, make sure you are talking about something which is related to the person especially if the person is not very close to you. You won’t want to bore someone you barely know with your personal problems. Once in a while is okay…but if you continuously talk about stuff which is only related to YOU…sooner or later, the person will be frustrated and avoid you.

  • Maintain eye contact.

This is to avoid your conversation partner from wandering too far away during the conversation. It is also to show you are sincere in your conversation.

  • Make it a 2-ways communication.

Being courteous and polite are very important. Never interrupt a person’s conversation unless it’s something urgent or very important. Give people the opportunity to voice out their opinions. Make the conversation 2-ways.

  • It’s nice to be a good listener.

Sometimes, it’s important for us to play the role of a listener. Just pay attention to what your conversation partner is talking at that time (it could be your family, spouse, clients, colleagues, etc). If you’re paying attention and give some constructive and useful feedbacks….people will learn to appreciate you more. 🙂 Yeah, I know, some people complain way too much to you….well, the only thing you could do is to make the person feel more positive. 😉

You can easily find these ‘best practices’ from the book “Drop the pink elephant” by Bill McFarlan. It’s a good book. Highly recommended. 🙂

p/s…I’m not very good in a conversation. Need to work hard in this field as well. 😉