Recently, I’ve watched a movie called Click by Adam Sandler. It’s a very good movie…very touching indeed.

In the movie, it talked about a guy who always wanted to work hard to support his family (thus giving them a better life). I am sure most of us have this same feeling (including myself). There’s nothing wrong with this mindset….the problem occurs when the workacholic architect overlooked his family while concentrating on his work. Time flies and he became very old. He did managed to become a very successful architect…..well-known and admired by many. However, he lost his wife, his father, and his family.

Do you want to be someone like this? I assume the answer is NO (that’s for me anyway).

Work-related things can always be rearranged. If the customers are concerned, the rearrangement might make them a bit unhappy but you can always work harder to repair that relationship. You can’t postpone your son’s graduation day….or your in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary. These are the stuff you cannot afford to miss…because there might not be a second 50th wedding anniversary.

Life is unpredictable. Family should always come first. Work and passions are equally important but there are things which you can afford to put on hold a little longer.

To my family, I might be a bit hot-tempered at times, but having you all by my side is one of the greatest things in my life. Cars, houses, money….. they can never replace the place my family has in my heart. 😉

p/s…. I was touched by the movie, and thus I decided to write this post.