What are your passions? This is a very important question which all of us should ask if we want to be happy and successful.

Some of you will ask “why?”. The answer is simple. Do you want to do something you don’t like to do? Or do you want to do something, just because you need to survive? Most of us do that. Even I myself do that.

I have plenty of friends, who graduated with IT degree who are not earning as much as they wanted to. They often asked me for advice…saying that they hate IT (and yeah, they spent 4 years in university studying IT) and stuff. In the end, some of them end up in direct sales, IT sales, or a mediocre IT personnels.

You can’t be successful if you are not passionate about what you’re doing.

True, all of us need a steady income to survive….to pay off loans…debts…looking after our family…etc. However, everytime we work on that SOMETHING which we are not passionate about……we’ll feel “empty”…..since that is not what we wanted to do. I am sure some of you have the same feeling.

Try to ask yourself…what are you passionate about? What will do you if you have free time? Minus your hobbies such as sleeping, gossiping, etc……I am sure you have few things which you really like to do. Try go to that direction….think about the things you can work on which will allow you to do something you are passionate about and help you to earn a steady income.

Let’s summarize this…

  1. Start by asking yourself “what are your passions?” or finding out what do you normally do whenever you’re free?
  2. Think about what you can do with those passions of yours. How can you get an income out of it?
  3. Start testing out few ideas with minimal commitment. Try to make an effort, but not as to neglect your main priority, which is your current job and responsibilities.
  4. Once your mini experiments started to show you some promising results…try to expand them and dedicate more efforts to them.
  5. If they didn’t end up the way you were hoping they would….then move on and start testing other ideas.

And this is exactly what I’m doing right now. Again, comments/opinions/suggestions are welcome. Hope it helps.