Everyone has a dream, or an ambition – whether you want to become a millionaire, a managing director or CEO of a public listed company, a well-known artist, or just a person who gets income while doing nothing at home (hmm, the last one sounds a bit boring).

I, myself has a few ambitions or dreams. A bit far fetched for me based on my current situation but I believe, it will become a reality if I’ve put enough efforts into making it a reality.

The key word here is “Initiatives”. Why? Because most people only talk or dream, but no action. If you don’t work for something, it won’t come to you. That’s the basic rule of thumb for our world. Do you expect to be like Sir Richard Branson, by just sitting on your couch everyday, looking at the TV? Well, I hope I could do that but I am quite certain that won’t bring me to what I wanted to do.

That’s why I’ve been telling my friends…..make the first step…be the one who takes initiatives ! Without the first step, there’s no journey. With it, there is at least a beginning.

A first step can be anything, from doing your research to finding what are your passions. From this first step, you can plan ahead what you can do – maybe find a business partner, learning how to have a proper business plan, or perhaps seek funding from the banks, etc. Using this first step, you can create the momentum needed to move on to your second, third and subsequent steps. Once you’ve created enough momentum, it’s hard for you to stop due to the inertia 😉

Too busy with your schedule? Simple, just try to take 10-20 minutes of your day to at least prepare something related to your goals/dreams. 20 minutes a day for the entire month, is a lot more than just dreaming of your ‘fantasy’ on your couch and do nothing.

Remember people, the first step starts the journey and builds up the momentum to keep you going. This is exactly what I’m doing now – researching on the things I have in my mind…….and spending a portion of my time everyday just for this. Here, I’m sharing this with you and hope it can help some of you out there.

If you feel my method is wrong or you have any things to comment, do drop me an email or a comment here. Let’s try and make our dreams a reality. 🙂