Management comes in all forms, ranging from business to people. However, the most important kind of management is personal management and it comes before other management types. Why? The reason is simple. How can someone be a top manager, or a top businessman when he/she cannot even handle himself properly in terms of personal life? There might be few rare cases where someone is very successful in his/her career but totally messed up his/her personal life. Bear in mind…those are very rare cases…maybe 1 in every 100.

Back to our main topic – personal management. Personal management is basically divided into several different categories. Time management and financial management are 2 of them. For the following few sections, I will share with you all my own time management method, which is something I’ve learnt from books (the main concept comes from the book “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R.Covey) and self-management (which is practically everything about your behavior and personality).

It is important to note that all the postings here are based on my own personal opinions and knowledge gained from books. It is not a definite rule since I am not experienced enough to give such advice (and I believe nobody in this world will be able to give such advice). This blog is meant to be a place where people share their opinions on the topics discussed. 😉